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"The materials are playing with the emotions"- Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

After ending December holidays, and getting into the new year, our school begins to actively engage in the creation of products for the carnival time. With these activities we are trying to recruit students in a  playful, exciting and diverse way, while considering individual abilities of each individual.
January activity of the project "Artemotion express in  Europe" was "The materials are playing with the emotions" -  expressing with a different materials. ... That's why we added the image of a carnival mask in a  different materials. On the motifs, which are expressed in different materials, prevails the mask of Kurent or Korant. This typical carnival character from Ptuj and the surrounding area always  inspires our students  for  their creative  work.
This time the students were excited not only by  the visual, but also by art technique, because they had found a lot of different materials, they can also be optionally combined with each other. Many emotions were expressed in the formulation of the human figure from waste plastic bottles. In each product, the students in their very own way  visualize their emotions and senses.

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Rodrigo Fafián said...

Woow !!!! A great job and a great presentation! Congratulations to all participants, especially to art teacher. Rodrigo..