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Stop bullying!" - Activity No 10.2, March-April 2017, Sibiu, Romania

The students from the 5th to 8th grade participated together  with their teachers in this activity .
We have proposed to inform, to be aware and to sensitize the students, parents and teachers on issues of bullying phenomenon, the causes and its effects and especially ways of preventing and solving, by using ART (dance, painting, role games, drawing). I hope you will like this video.


Bad Teinach Zavelstein, Germany - an article from a local paper in connection with the project and the hosted school, Karl Georg Haldenwang Schule SBBZ.

Dress up and act” - Activity no 10.1 - March 2017, Sibiu, Romania.

 It is an activity where the students chose  a costume and the role that he/she wants to act.  They could experiment different characters. Acting, should be like wearing a mask, so we combined this activity with the carnival for having more fun.
Carnival has a lot of characters, which is part of the reason why we chose to combine our activity with carnival. The students used their non-verbal communication and the body language to act and to express their feelings and emotions related with their characters. Enjoy the video!