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Radio interview with the coordinator of the international school project, dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj

On Wednesday, 17. 02. 2016  the Slovenian coordinator of  Erasmus + project from dr. Ljudevita Pivka school, from Ptuj, Mrs. Tanja Nikolovski, was a guest of the radio show "MORNING GUEST" in the local radio station "Radio Ptuj".

She presented the Erasmus + Action, an international school project "Art Emotion Xpress in Europe", and  the project activities at the school so far .

( Interview )

The clip is in the Slovenian language, and I know that you will not understand anything, but here is oportunity to hear the Slovenian language sound. 

"Morning GUEST" Tanja Nikolovski - Radio Show
 Radio Ptuj
 Radio Ptuj

1 comment:

Stami Mourelatou said...

Congratulations Tanja! This was a great step for the dissemination of our project. Let's all keep up the great work!