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Impressions of the 2nd short term joint staff training and learning activity in Can Rigol School Barcelona - Greek team

Iraklis Palias, Principal of the 1st Special Education Primary School of Korydallos, Athens, Greece.

"During our stay in Barcelona we visited the partner school Can Rigol daily and participated in presentations and activities, which aimed both to achieve the objectives of the Erasmus + program in accordance with the initial planning and to understand their work and the educational methods that they follow.

Following the program of the visit, after the activities in the school, we had the opportunity to explore the city of Barcelona and to visit museums, art galleries, parks, traditional villages, monuments and temples and many other cultural and historical sites in the city. In this way we combined the project “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” with the cultural heritage of the Catalans.

The mobility in Spain under the Erasmus + Program "ARTEMOTION XPRESS IN EUROPE" was a total success, since all the initial goals of the project plan were completed successfully. All teachers who participated in the
mobility were able to derive new educational experiences and practices that will help us to develop teaching skills and contribute to our personal and professional development.

I warmly thank our Spanish Partners for the hospitality and the unique experience and I wish the project to continue with the same enthusiasm and passion".

Zoi Tsiara, Special Education Teacher in 1st Special Education Primary School of Korydallos, Athens, Greece.
"The visit to Spain and Can Rigol school for the Erasmus+ project “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” was a unique experience for me. Our visit was well organized and thought out from the coordinator and the teachers so as to form a very good overview of all programs and activities applied to the children. I was very impressed with the daily activities classroom (laundry, ironing, cleaning etc.) and the kitchen where students learned to cook, to service, to pay their food and give change, necessary skills for everyday life.
After school we visited important monuments and landmarks which are meeting places for local residents. In our free time we were able to mix with the people and walk in the streets of the city center. Through this, we gained a lot of information about the daily life and consumer habits of Catalans. Finally, lunch at different restaurants, helped me to form the best possible impression of the flavors that the locals prefer.
Partners from Spain, thank you very much for the unique experience and may we all meet again soon".

Georgia Tsiouchliara, Special Education Teacher, 1st Special Education Primary School of Korydallos, Athens, Greece 

"Our visit in CEE Can Rigol in Barcelona was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. The hospitality of the Spanish partners and their exceptionally organized and well-balanced programme made this activity not only fascinating, but also interesting and educating.

All attended workshops were very interesting and I am willing to use them in the future. Aromatic oils workshop was really impressive due to the freedom it gave to the pupils to act, experiment and create on their own will, a fact that could help them in their future professional life. I would like to thank Can Rigol partners once again for the great chance they gave us to get closer to the Catalan education and culture".

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