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"Reed me - feel me" Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj

A Coat for Barbara is a fairy tail written by slovenian writter Vitomil Zupan. The fairy tells us about a lonely Coat who all what he wants is some company. One day the Coat was walking down the street and the weather was awful. That night he met a man, a dog, a lady, a car and a boy. He was desperate because no body was willing to take him home. At the end he met a nice girl Barbara, who was willing to take him home. They were both happy that they met.
With the 3rd and 4th grade pupils we red a fairy and then we talked about the content and the feelings of a Coat when he met different people and animals. They listened to a fairy with great joy. At the beginning they were sad because no body want's to take Coat home with them. But at the end they were happy because a girl Barbara took him home.
After the reading they recreated a fairy with some drawings of different caracters from the fairy. We make an arrangement that we will film a short movie about a Coat and his journey. We split parts and started to practise roles. The filming experience was interesting and fun. It was something new for the pupils. They felt like real actors and enjoyed the experience.

The Coat was wallking down the wide and long road. There was few people on the side of the road because the wind was blowing. The Coat was there all by him self. He was feeling very lonely and scared. He almost cried.
Suddenly a big man in a black dress is walking with large steps towards the Coat...

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Stami Mourelatou said...

A lovely story. Friendship, sharing, loving, kidness are valuable. Congratulations to all the pupils and teachers for such a great work.Our love from Greece. Stami.