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“Getting to know an artist"- Activity No 5.2 – April 2016, CSEI No1 Sibiu, Romania

In the "Getting to know an artist" activity, the students of class 5th together with their teachers Mihaela Muresanu and Maria Hertoiu, chose to meet Mihaela Ionescu, a painter and interior designer. They went to Mihaela Ionescu’s workshop, in order to meet her. At the artist's studio, the students discussed about her work, about the emotions experienced, admiring her paintings. Among the paintings exposed in the workshop, every students had chosen a painting they liked most and tried to reproduce it. 
We thank from our hearts to Mihaela Ionescu for her warmer welcome in her studio and for offering us a very beautiful education activity. This activity had a positive emotional impact upon our students from the school Center of Inclusive Education NO.1 Sibiu. Enjoy our video!

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Wow!!!! Respect. A tribute to all the students! They are very talented!

Tanja, Ptuj, Slovenia