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1st Special Education Primary School of Korydallos, Athens, Greece. February 2016, Activity: “Face Puzzle”

The 4th official activity of the project "ArtEmotion Xpress in Europe" was «Face puzzle". Initially, students from all the partner schools had to photograph the faces of their peers while making various facial expressions representing emotions like joy, sadness, anger, fear, surprise.

In Special education primary school of Korydallos, we printed the photos in A3 paper and plasticized them. Students with the help of their teachers cut the photos to 3 to 20 pieces depending on the degree of difficulty they wanted to have the puzzles for each student and always in accordance with their functional capabilities.

The activity was completed in each class separately and you can watch from the video below the procedure, impressions and feelings arousing during its implementation. 

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Stami Mourelatou said...

Puzzles challenge pupils thinking and exercise their minds.They are also an important educational learning tool as they provide many skills and mental learning benefits and opportunities. "Face puzzle" included all these but at the same time was much more familiar for the students as they had to put together their own faces and recognize on them but also on their classmates many facial expressions. It was a perfect activity for children with disabilities!
Mourelatou Stamoula.